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8 Free or Low Cost Small Business Marketing Ideas

1.) Social Media

Reach your users on a social platform pertinent to your field i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc. Do your research and see where your customers hang out.

Regarding the type of content to post, never assume as a small business with a small growing page that your audience knows what you are about and who you are. Make it your job to tell them the story of your brand, your mission, and what you do.

It’s important to post a variety of content – not just content about you and your business, but content that will engage your customer. Ask them for some advice on a potential new product. Amaze them with some impressive data you found or made, and of course amuse them with animals, memes, throw-backs, and babies, because everybody loves a business with a sense of humor! You can engage them with different caption contests or fill in the blanks, giveaways, or deals. Maybe inspire them with the occasional quote or real-life story. Warn them about the 2018 Blizzard 2.0, or maybe some advice on how to drive water away from your homes and garages after the inevitable melt.

2.) Add a Blog/Vlog/Instructional Content to your Website

Write about interesting, original to you, and engaging content – create content your clients want to read and build links and respect in google search engines and move up organically in your SEO rankings.

Create Content that has; Impact, Timelines, Prominence, Proximity, Bizarreness, Conflict, or Currency to keep your readers engaged. Great original content is all around you and your office, just look around and I bet you will find it!

3.) Free Directory Listings

Get listed on directories: both Google and Bing offer free listings for local businesses. These are easy to set-up – and are not only free advertising but will help you get found when customers are looking for you on the web.

4.) Have Your Business Staples at all Times – i.e. Business Cards, Pamphlets, Sell Sheets

It’s often that you may be introducing yourself or someone else introduces you and you get into a discussion about what it is you do – don’t miss an opportunity – always be sure to have a business card on hand for your contact info. And a pamphlet or sell sheet is also helpful so a potential customer can understand the full scope of your product and service offerings and any value-added offerings you have. It’s a small investment to ensure a potential customer does not forget your name!

5.) Be Uniformed in Your Brand

If you use a car or truck for your business ensure that your business name, logo and contact information are visible on the vehicle. For a less, costly alternative you don’t have to do a full wrap to make an impact – even just placing a simple logo on the door will get your brand out there on the road and give you a presence. Not only does it catch the eye of passer by’s it does solidify your professional look as well put together serious branded business. There’s something that gives you a peace of mind when a business that’s serving you shows up in a decaled car and a matching branded shirt/jacket.

6.) Engage in Your Community

Whether it’s a fundraiser, festival, family event, be sure to get your business participating in your community. This is a great way to get your brand out there and help you better connect with potential clients/customers in your area.

7.) Network

Attend trade shows, ask existing clients or vendors about anyone they may recommend that could use your service. Gain new clients – keep in touch with the old, make them feel valued, heard, and remembered. Follow up with a product or service to ensure they were satisfied!

8.) Reviews and Referrals

There are a variety of places to leave positive customer reviews on the internet, so use this to your advantage. Ask your customers to please give you review on your google, facebook page, etc. or maybe even to refer a friend with a Customer Referral Program. Make this easy for them, a clickable link through an email or an easy 3-step how to on a slip of paper and offer them savings off their next order. It’s a great way increase how trusted you are to your customers and can also aid your SEO and move you up in google rankings.

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